Company Profile

The primary object of Workpac Placements Pty Ltd. is to promote Australia as a high-quality international education destination by demonstrating its value to other countries and to potential students. We partner with Education and Training Providers who comply with nationally set consistent standards for the delivery of courses thereby enhancing Australia’s reputation for quality education.

We offer orientation and access to support services to help overseas students’ study and adjust to life in Australia. We identify new opportunities, and develop and evolve our products and services to meet the needs of tomorrow’s students, business and industry. We embrace new opportunities, to diversify and innovate, and to exemplify the highest standards of quality and student experience.


We want to see students discover an immense future through higher education programs in Australia.


It is our mission to serve overseas students find the perfect course pathway to build their career from a wide range of study abroad programs in Australia, committed to the best interests of Australian education sector.


Delivering the best possible overseas student experience.
Workpac Placements Pty Ltd will:

Our Partners


The Team

Jacob Mathew


Established and owned franchise with CMC Limited (then A Govt. of India Enterprise) for imparting training in Computer Sciences.

Chandrahasa Chundi


He is a Certified education agent with PIER code O940.

Imelda L Vinola

Associate Director – Australia

Imelda currently owns and manages businesses in the Philippines in the areas of local employment and recruitment for the country's industrial and manufacturing sector, and international Business Process Outsourcing (Australia and U.S.A).