Statement of Purpose

An admissions or application essay, sometimes also called a personal statement or a statement of purpose, is an essay or other written statement written by an applicant, often a prospective student applying to some college, university, or graduate school. The application essay is a common part of the college admissions process.

It allows you to provide information about your:

  1. Motivation for study
  2. Work experience
  3. Community experience
  4. Academic performance
  5. Languages other than English
  6. Other relevant information

You may outline any circumstances that have affected your academic performance in your Personal Statement.

Should I complete the Personal Statement?

In most cases, you should only submit a Personal Statement if it is listed under essential requirements and admission criteria in the course information for any of the preferences on your course application.

Tips for completing the Personal Statement

  1. Check the character limits
  2. Prepare a draft before you start.

It is a good idea to write a draft of your personal statement first so that what you ultimately submit is written to the best of your abilities and includes all relevant details. Writing a draft in advance will also help you make sure your statement fit within the character limits.

The majority of your Personal Statement, such as your general statement, work experience, and language proficiency, should be broad enough to cover all of your course preferences. You can use the last section to direct specific comments to individual courses. You can also check if the institutions have any specific requirements regarding what to include. See individual institution pages and adapt your statement accordingly.