Short Course

Short Courses are designed to happen in winter, summer or even during the academic year, as semesters abroad, professional classes or just academic courses or seminars which have a clear contribution to your knowledge, resume and experience.

Short courses may answer the need for something more, and are gaining popularity among international students who look for practical trainings in a shorter time that they should devote for a Bachelor’s or Master’s program.

Short Course Benefits

Now that you’ve been introduced to the possibilities of enriching your knowledge with short courses, let’s take a closer look to what they have to offer and why you should enroll in such a program.

  1. You are interested in a field of study, other than the one you learn of at university. (Trying something new)
    The high advantage of short courses is that they can be from technically any field, regardless of what you study right now. You can consider your chosen short course as an aid to specialize further or see your study from a different perspective or you can take an intensive look to a different field you see as a hobby and you are fond of. Either way, short courses involve freedom!
  1. You may be short on time and money. They are highly practical, so you can specialize in your field of interest, without a significant investment. Learning the new field will last less and require less money than a Bachelor’s or Master’s university program.
  1. You work in an interdisciplinary field. You may have studied a certain field, but now your work needs multi disciplines. This is highly possible nowadays. Let’s take, for example, an engineering company with its marketing department. Once you take a short course in marketing, you will feel more competent in your department.
  1. You want a new element in your CV. The short course is an extra academic activity which will find its place in your CV and will enrich your experience. This is very useful especially if you are looking for a job or better opportunities.
  1. You can enjoy your free time. Although generally courses may not sound like activities for your free time, some of them we offer usually include tours, outdoor workshops especially for summer courses and others. However, this is a productive way of spending a part of your vacation in the city where you study abroad.

Below are the fields we provide short courses:

Health Care