Statement of Purpose


SOP must not be longer than 3 pages, and information mentioned in your written statement must be supported by evidence. 

  1. Your education and employment background 
    • Providing information about your previous study
    • If there is a gap in your studies, providing reasons why 
    • If applicable, proving information about your current employment – employer name, company name, period of your employment, details of your position, the name and contact details of someone who can confirm the circumstances of your employment 
  2. Why have you chosen to study in Aborad?
    • If a similar course is available in your country, why do you choose to study in Abroad instead? Even though it cost more to study abroad.
    • What research have you undertaken for courses available in your home country and in Abroad?
    • What research have you undertaken about Abroad? 
  3. Why have you chosen the proposed course of study?
    • Explain why do you choose to study the proposed course
    • Explain the relation of your previous education/employment with your proposed course of study
    • If the course is irrelevant to your previous education/employment, explain why do you choose this course? and how the course will benefit your future employment in your home country
    • Briefly explain contents of your proposed course  
  4. Why have you chosen this University?
    • What other educational providers have you looked into during your research and why choose this one in specific?
    • What aspects have you compared when choosing over other providers? 
    • Which features of the proposed course attracted you to the opted provider’s courses instead of courses at other educational providers  
  5. What is your ties to home country that support an intention to return after study is finished?
    • Upon return to your home country, explain what is your expected career outcome upon completion of the proposed course?
    • What research have you undertaken of future employment? Identify potential employer names and positions you would apply for, and your expected salary 
  6. Please explain your economic circumstances
    • Details of your current assets and liabilities 
    • Details of all the sponsors who are sponsoring your studies and living expenses while your stay abroad?
  7.  If your spouse is accompanying you
    • Explain why spouse is accompanying you, and what your spouse will be doing
    • Explain who will be sponsors for both you and your spouse during your study.