Study Tours

Our Australian study tours give overseas students and professionals a passport to success.  During their visit, students improve English skills, grow in confidence and explore Australian culture while professionals will improve specific area skills, gain world class intuitional knowledge and will get to interact with top most company professionals. 

Our Short-term study tours are hosted in various universities and government schools.  Each tour is tailored to the visit duration and group interests in one or more study tours.

Tour groups study with students in modern educational facilities.  Study Tour excursions include hands on learning and prize-winning attractions. Professional tours include Visit to top industries related to the main theme of the group tour.

Key student benefits

Victoria is a renowned international education destination where overseas students learn in new and challenging ways.  Each study tour is an educational journey towards:

Improved English language skill

Supported by specialist tuition and English language immersion

Growing international awareness

Homestay families open students’ eyes to another lifestyle and culture

Gaining academic advantage

By exploring new ways of thinking that help students gain focus

Newfound student confidence

To achieve self assurance and success

Discovering leadership ability

As students set and achieve goals that forge new personal pathways

Real-time experience and practical work exposure

Various Study Tour Programs

Australian Study Tours offer a distinct difference. Overseas students quickly gain English language confidence with support from home and school. Creative teaching, advanced resources and inspiring excursions stimulate learning.

Students experience Australian culture first hand with their carefully chosen Homestay family or interaction with native Australians.

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Award winning educational experiences are included in Victorian Study Tour themes. 

  • Science and Technology
  • Performing and Visual Arts
  • Leadership and Sport

What Study Tours include

Each Study Tour is unique. Students take home fun, factual and fascinating benefits. Study Tours provide lifetime learning advantages gained through features, such as:

Workpac is first in India to organize such study tours based on clients requirements and professional requirements.